Nest Indoor vs. Outdoor Camera-Which One is Better for You in 2020

While I was reading some guide to picking the right cam for monitoring my home remotely, the thought came to me whether I can use an indoor camera for outdoor purpose because it is less costly or I can use an outdoor camera for indoor purpose because outdoor camera has water-resistance feature, greater camera resolution and so on. With that thought in mind, I started doing some research to find out if it was possible. I put all my findings of Nest Indoor vs. Outdoor Camera for you.

Can you use Nest indoor cam for outdoor monitoring or Nest outdoor cam for indoor monitoring? Technically, you could, with some work and modification, put Nest outdoor camera inside your home, but practically, you should not use indoor Nest Camera for outdoor monitoring.

This article will provide an unbiased comparison between the Nest Indoor vs. Outdoor Camera so that you can make a quick and relevant decision according to your needs.Later we will discuss the comparative installation process among the Nest camera options. 

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Nest Indoor vs. Outdoor Camera🙁What is your #1 requirement)

Google, one of the top brands, comes up with Google Nest Indoor/Outdoor and Nest IQ indoor/outdoor camera that possesses powerful and intelligent specifications to rule security purposes in your house.

Nest indoor camera is designed to look after your kids, your pet and elder person from home and away. It also works as baby monitor.

Nest outdoor camera is designed to established your home security.

Nest Camera and Nest IQ Camera have more or less the same features, while some features in Nest Camera need a subscription or another device for access; the Nest IQ Camera have them as built-in. In simple words, Nest IQ is an improved version of Nest Camera. Nest IQ has super night vision, high definition audio, and non-pix-elated vision.

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7 Things to Check before Buying a Nest indoor/Outdoor camera:

You may wonder which features you have to consider for your security cameras. I recommend you to check several features for your camera, such as low-light vision, wiring, style, adjustability, recording, web access, picture quality, etc.

Quick Comparison: Nest Indoor vs. Outdoor Camera in 2020

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The Nest Indoor Cam vs Outdoor Cam: Differences to Know about in 2020

Almost all the features are similar, except few.  The main dissimilarities are represented in the following categories.

Power Cord

The power cord of the Nest Indoor Camera is 10ft and that of Nest Outdoor Camera is 25ft thus allowing flexibility in the setup of indoor ones compared to outdoor. The outdoor camera is said to come with a cable that ends with a bigger head. Often users face difficulty to arrange the outdoor camera.

They also suggest the nest camera power cord should have a smaller head or a removable one to allow flexibility in setup.

Nest Camera Installation and setup

If you wanted to know how to install nest camera, then we have a quick guide for you. You may want to go through it in order to do a proper installation. 

The setup procedure is a do-it-yourself process and quite easy to do. It takes only 30 to 40 minutes. The method is almost similar to indoor and outdoor cameras.

For an indoor camera, proceed with the following instructions:

  • Log in to Nest app
  • Select Settings and Add the camera. Scan the QR code found at the bottom of the camera
  • Choose the ‘where’ option to mention whether the room is the basement, baby’s room or anywhere else
  • Connect the camera plug to the power socket, wait for LED to turn blue
  • The camera will search for Wi-Fi. Select your Wi-Fi and camera will start recording

Now you may come across things like how to set up nest app or how to use nest app. Well, that is a whole different topic. We will leave it for now and move on. 

For a Nest outdoor camera, proceed with the following instructions:

  • Initially plug in the camera inside the house and using the same process add the camera in your Nest app account
  • Go outside, select the spot where you want the camera to be installed then plug the camera with outside socket and select the Wi-Fi network
  • Hold the camera where you want it to be and ensure the camera is getting the strong Wi-Fi signal to start recording
  • Once everything is checked, mount the camera in the desired position
  • The ideal place for an outdoor camera is a place where is no direct sunlight, in the range of the router and within the height of 7 to 10 ft

Here the questions like how to connect nest app to wifi. Again, such discussion will need a proper briefing in a the near future. 

Acute Vision

The vision is very precise for Nest IQ indoor and outdoor cameras compared to NEST indoor and outdoor ones. The acute or supervision feature allows you a close-up view of the stranger’s face. It will also follow the person so as to show what he is up to and the user can easily recognize the person. This feature is available without any subscription to Nest Aware.

Two-way Communication

This means the user can talk to someone inside or outside the house, for example asking you nanny to feed your baby in the house can be easily done. Also, you can ask any stranger outside what he wants at this odd hour.

What’s more is, the IQ indoor and outdoor camera gives a high definition sound quality by deploying a better set of microphones and speakers. The Nest Wifi Compatibility allows seamless connectivity. 

Compatible Temperature

The Nest outdoor camera and Nest IQ outdoor camera both are built in such a way that can work in critical and extreme weather condition. 

The Nest Outdoor Camera is built so as to work in extreme weather conditions. It can work from -4 to 104 degrees/Fahrenheit.  Nest Indoor Camera does not have such a feature. Also, the main advantage is the outdoor camera can easily be installed for indoor use.

Recognizing Capability

This specification is known as ‘Familiar Face Alert’ and is available for Nest IQ indoor and outdoor with the extension of Nest Aware service. This allows your camera to identify your family and friends so it’s easier for you to know whether is someone known or unknown.

Person Alert

The new Nest IQ indoor and outdoor cameras can differentiate between any object or human thus it can specifically identify any human presence and alert users accordingly. Since it is built-in with the Camera, users do not have to buy any extra service to experience this feature.

Although this feature is available in Nest Indoor and Outdoor Camera, it is not free to use. Users have to take the Nest Aware service as extra to experience it.

Indoor /outdoor Compatible

One of the notable comparisons between indoor and outdoor Cameras are you can use the outdoor camera for indoor purpose as well. This makes the Outdoor camera an all-rounder among both.

So if you buy the outdoor camera and at some point feel the need to view inside of the house, you can easily change its location without buying another one to serve the purpose. On the other hand, the indoor camera can’t be used for outdoor purposes. The wifi camera connection allows it. 

Zooming Feature

The Nest indoor/outdoor camera can be zoomed by 8x optical zoom and the Nest IQ indoor camera /outdoor camera supports 12x optical zoom. So the latter has even better picture quality than former allowing users to view scrutinizing details of any strangers outside or any activity inside the house. 

Features of Nest Indoor and Nest IQ Indoor Cameras:

  • The setup is very easy along with a camera magnetic mount to keep the camera fixed.
  • Nest indoor provides a high-quality picture with 8x optical zoom and that of Nest IQ indoor has 12x optical zoom.
  • The Activity Zone option in app allows user to specify which part of the room they want to emphasis, for example, the door and window section
  • The Home/Away option allows the camera to know when you are home so that it can stop recording and even stop alerts for any movement detectionnes
  • Nest indoors have standard audio and Nest IQ indoor cameras have high definition audio. This means 2-way communication including speaker and microphone.
  • It requires a subscription to Nest Aware services to get video clippings, images, and recordings.
  • There is a ‘Person Alert’ option to recognize between any object or human and ‘Face Alert to recognize family and known people.
  • Nest IQ can differentiate between lots of light rays and sunlight so the night vision option cannot be fooled by blinding it with a torchlight.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nest Indoor and Nest IQ Indoor Camera

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  • Ensures security within the home
  • Nest IQ indoor camera has built-in Familiar Face Alert”
  • Both have built-in “Person Alert”  function.
  • Nest IQ has super sight, this means the user will get high definition and precise view
  • The nest two way camera communication is in HD for Nest IQ
  • Both of them have night vision features allowing users to easily identify people even at night
  • The setup of both devices are very easy and DIY project
  • Nest Cameras are attractive and good looking. It also has a magnetic mount to keep it standing upright.
  • Users can easily scare people off by talking to them.
  • They have easy-to-use mobile apps.
  • Both devices can be integrated with Amazon
  • Alexa thus facilitate you to use a wide range of devices

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”Disadvantages:“]

  • Does not work without an internet connection
  • Does not work without electricity
  • Subscriptions are needed to view video footages which can be costly
  • If you want to set up the camera outside, you cannot.
  • To get familiar face Alert in Nest Indoor Camera, user has to subscribe Nest Aware service
  • The two-way communication in Nest IQ is standard
  • Nest Indoor Camera does not have super sight feature
  • There is no shutter to close the camera for security or privacy concerns.


Features of Nest Outdoor and Nest IQ Outdoor Camera 

 Nest IQ is a bit different in design compared to Nest outdoor camera. The IQ comes with temperature resistant mount with hex key lock which makes it more secure

  • The outside cable can be connected to inside power in IQ but for Nest Outdoor it has to be connected outside.
  • The ‘Activity Alert’ is built-in Nest Outdoor and ‘Person Alert’ in IQ.
  • Outdoor cameras have night vision that provides high-quality picture even from a distance
  • Although not recommended, one of the biggest advantages of outdoor cameras is they can be used even inside the house if the user wants.
  • Both the cameras need monthly or yearly subscription to Nest Aware for video footage, image or any motion detection.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nest Outdoor and Nest IQ Outdoor Camera

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  •   Nest outdoor has super sight allowing users to easily identify strangers
  • Both the devices give alerts and notifications to users for any  motion detection, break-in or power outage
  • One of the biggest advantages is users can use outdoor cameras for indoor purpose. It saves huge money
  • Both devices have night vision feature delivering users a clear image even at night time.
  • Two-way communication allows user to talk to any known or query an unknown person
  • User friendly mobile apps
  • Can be integrated with Amazon Alexa
  • Nest IQ outdoor camera can take pictures up to 50 ft in the dark

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”Disadvantages:“]

  • These cameras will not work without internet or power supply
  • Users have to pay and subscribe to Nest Aware to get “familiar Face Alert” in Nest IQ Outdoor
  • The two-way communication in Nest IQ Outdoor is standard
  • Nest camera outdoor do not have super sight feature
  • The subscription charges can be quite costly for some.


User feedback of Nest Indoor vs Outdoor Camera

User Feedback for Nest Indoor:

  • One of the biggest drawbacks according to consumers was the subscription option needed to watch video history, clips or images. Users find it quite costly and say that the device even will not report a moving bug without subscription.
  • Users find it annoyed to even get notification alert when they are at home but for this to happen the ‘home and geofencing’ option has to be turned on. There were issues with software, where the video keeps on loading.
  • The bandwidth consumption for the nest wifi connection is huge according to some users.
  • Frequent disconnection from Wi-Fi and rebooting itself was detected by users. At that time the app also stops working.
  • The devices don’t have any local storage for access that makes users unable to check any video when there is no internet.
  • If users do not take the subscription service, the device is almost useless to use, also it continuously shows banner add in app.

User Feedback for Nest outdoor:

  • Users complain they are false advertising and give bad images during rain. The camera is said to be water-resistant not waterproof.
  • The nest outdoor cam cost is significantly higher for heavy users. 
  • According to some users, they found the installation very easy but difficulty with the cable. Users feel the cord should come with smaller plug or removable plug that can be inserted or removed when needed.
  • There were issues where users zoomed the image and they were pix-elated.
  • The outdoor cameras might not work well with a weak Wi-Fi connection. If that’s the case for you then you may want to look at how to improve nest camera wifi
  • Although Google has its email addresses, numbers and manual guides online, users are often seen to complain regarding their customer support. Users say they waited for 2.5 hours or the person was making user do troubleshooting again and again without any perfect solution to the problem.

Nest Camera Recording: What would We Recommend? 

The choice of place that is, a camera inside or outside is very evident, so users will select the indoor and outdoor cameras according to their needs. The main dilemma comes between Nest Camera and Nest IQ Camera.

If you want a camera for very normal use, like watching pets in home or simply get alerts for any burglars to break-in, then you really should go for the simple yet powerful and that is Google Nest Indoor/Outdoor camera.

On the other hand, the Google Nest IQ Indoor /Outdoor camera has super sight features to deliver images without being pix-elated. It has Face Familiar Alert so that you can recognize your family and friends. The indoor cameras have an 8 X digital zoom whereas the outdoor has a 12 X digital zoom. So with outdoor camera a picture can be zoomed more than indoor ones.

The Nest IQ can see in a longer distance up to 50ft and that of Nest outdoor up to 20 ft at night. Another advantage to select Outdoor camera is, users can use the outdoor camera for outside as well as inside the house.  So the users do not have to buy an extra camera for the house inside. At the end of the day, the choice will come down to users’ preferences.

Final Thoughts 

We admit it, we did include a lot of information in today’s discussion of the Nest Indoor vs. Outdoor Camera. Before we go, we would like to clarify one thing: 

Our recommendations on these indoor and outdoor camera options is on the basis of usability and feature stack. After some strict research and customer reports, we’ve come to our conclusion. 

But your mileage may vary of course. So, we would ask you to look at all the options and see which one suits your needs. 

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I am very much enthusiastic about Home Automation and actively developing open-source software to extend its capabilities so this is going to all be biased by my own experiences.

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