8 Best Lamp for Hue Bulbs w/ Buying Advices in 2020

Light is one of the few resources that can give us comfort and irritation. We can get the perfect eye comfort just by changing the light intensity a bit.

No matter what you’re doing, a great shaded lamp with an awesome bulb can enhance your viewing experience. But for that, you have to find the best lamp for hue bulbs.

But it’s not easy to find the best one from thousands of products. We know that every knowledge is nowadays one click away. But that’s where the problem lies.

Here’s the thing-

If you type in ‘best lamps for hue lights’ into google, you’ll get 9,810,000 results immediately. So, after you explore the first page results, you’ll find links to around 47 products. And in those links, you’ll find all sorts of information about those products.

Basically, you’ll get bombarded with information.

That’s not all-

If you still want to pursue your products research, then you’ll have to consider these factors-

  • Price- Quality ratio
  • Availability-sales ratio
  • Price-features ratio

And these are only three of the 11 crucial factors.

What we’re saying is, we’ve done the work for you. And we’ve gone through the same road that we just described. So, let’s pass by the confusions and everything and jump right into the details-

Table of Contents

What is a Hue Lamp?

Before answering the question, we should clear out two questions. Firstly, what is a hue light? And secondly, what is the difference between lights and lamps?

Well, a hue light or Philips hue light is a specific product of Philips. These are basically smart bulbs. According to Philips, it’s a smart lighting system. One feature of this is that you can control and lighting experience with the app.

Now, a lamp is a transparent or semi-transparent cover that can enhance or dim the light intensity of a bulb or light source.

So, when we use a lamp as the cover for a Philips hue light, we can call it a hue lamp. It’s essentially a hue bulb in dimmable lamp.

In other words, when a lamp is compatible with Philips hue bulbs, then it’s called a Hue Lamp.

Now that we have a basic knowledge about hue lamps, let’s look at the comparison table-

[amazon table=”462″]

Review of 8 Best Lamp for Hue Bulbs

Now that you’ve got a bird’s eye view on these hue bulb lamps, it’s time to go deeper. So, from this point, we’ll give you an in-depth overview of each of our chosen products. And along with the overview, we’ll give you some specific highlighted features.

So, let’s get going-

1 of 8: Brightech Maxwell Led Shelf Floor Lamp

[amazon box=”B01MZ6JKQS”]

Versatility Perfect for Extensive Use

It’s understandable from the name itself that it has shelves in it. And you can use those shelves however you want. You can store plants, books and all sorts of things on its 3 tier display shelves.

On the other hand, the brightech maxwell led shelf floor lamp can fit into any place with its looks. Be it your office, living room, dorm room, bedroom or even a spa room, this lamp will fit in just perfectly.

Smart Home Assistant Compatible Shelf Lamp

This is one of the few floor lamps or shelf lamps that can connect to smart switches. And through the hue compatible dimmer , you can control it with your smart home assistant.

Moreover, with a hue light installed, this lamp can give a wide number of shades and colors.

Easy to Assemble

This lamp comes in parts when ordered online. But it takes around 20 minutes to assemble all the parts together. And most of the customers have agreed to the fact that this lamp is super easy to assemble.

Brightness not Compromised

This brightness issue is pretty common among lamps. Most of the lamps dim the light a bit too much. But this lamp here has passed the brightness issue with flying colors.

The brightech maxwell floor lamp assembly instructions should also give you more insight if you need it.

Highlighted Features

  • Promises great longevity.
  • Is compatible with Smart Home Assistants
  • Has a 3 stage display shelving
  • Provides warm and bright light
  • It can hold up to 6 pounds of weight on each shelf.

2 of 8: Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp

[amazon box=”B0070PBVWO”]

Extraordinary Design

Considering the fact that, this is a floor lamp it has a pretty different design. The most interesting feature in this area is that it uses a rice paper cylindrical shade.

Moreover, the shade is 3.5 inches in radius. Which makes it super thin. And this lamp stands at a peculiar height. It’s a bit short for regular floor lamps and a bit taller for table lamps.

Ultimately, this is another fine example of the amazing design sense of IKEA and the best floor lamp for hue bulbs.

Just the Perfect Brightness

The IKEA holmo floor lamp review should give you a lot of interesting facts. Here we go.

The Ikea Holmo generates perfect brightness. Many complain that the Hue lights are too bright in the bright mode. The rice paper shade of this lamp dims the light in the perfect amount.

Moreover, the shade manipulates and distributes light in the best possible way. As a result, you get a different kind of experience from the regular Hue bulb.

You can be tension free about that dark corner of your room, once you install this. It’ll create a great ambiance in the room from that very corner.

Convenient Furniture

Although this is a corded lamp, still you can move it. Moreover, the power cord is pretty long. So, it’s pretty convenient.

You can move around your home while grabbing it by the metal part. It weighs just around 2 pounds. So, this part also supports our ‘convenient’ claim. And lastly, the sleek design allows it to be perfect for tiny spaces.

The lamp has a power switch on its base. So, you can turn it on or off by using your legs.

On the other hand, the peculiar design makes it pretty fashionable. So, long story short, we can say that it’s a piece of convenient furniture.

IKEA lamps are one of the top choices when it comes to the best lamp for hue bulbs. And the features of this particular option should say it all to you. Be sure to check it out.

Highlighted Features

  • The Rice paper shade is pretty strong considering the build material
  • Can be used as a living room décor
  • Highly efficient in manipulating light to a balanced intensity
  • Previous designs had base flaws (wobbled)

3 of 8: Philips Hue Go Portable Table Lamp

[amazon box=”B00UVHAC1O”]

The Lamp Designed for Portability

It’s actually understandable from the name. Like what else do you expect from a Lamp called Hue Go? This lamp has 1 Lithium-Ion battery. So, you can charge it and use it without plugging in. As a result, you can take it anywhere you want, whenever you want.

Its lightweight is another reason for us to tag it as the portable light. This lamp uses plastic as the building material. And because of this reason, it’s pretty lightweight and the best lamp for philips hue bulbs.

Dual Brightness Mode

This lamp has two lighting modes. One is the candle mood and another is normal.

In the candle mood, you’ll get a bright flickering light. And if you increase the brightness in this mood, you’ll get a bright + flickering light projection just like a regular candle.

In a normal mood, you can get solid light projections. Moreover, as the Philips hue go portable table lamp belongs to the Hue family, you’ll get the whole hue color collection with it.

Lastly, many lamps claim that those are bright and all. But the brightness this hue lights lamps option shows on battery power, it’s truly outstanding.

Smart Control

To be honest this is a must while talking about Philips Hue Lamps. There are endless possibilities with these lamps.

One customer claimed in a review that 10 of these lamps are great for a disco party.

Basically, it’s possible because of the smart lamp control. You can control this lamp with a hue hub. Once you connect this lamp with a hue hub, you can control it through an app or through a smart assistant.

You can even voice control the Hue go lamp. But for this, you’ll need the hue hub and smart assistant connectivity.

Minimalist Design

Making minimalistic product designs is a trend nowadays. Hue Go isn’t any different from other companies in this sector.

With the sturdy white plastic covering, Hue go took a minimalistic approach. And the result is, people love it.

Because of this minimalistic design, Hue Go can fit into any place in your home. You can put it in a corner of your study, or in the middle of the living room.

There are other Philips hue go alternative options out there as well.  Still, this particular option should offer decent accuracy overall.

Highlighted Features

  • It can run on battery for 3 hours.
  • Is capable of versatile use with the help of the Hue Hub
  • Can create 300 Luminous Flux which is dimmable
  • Capable of surviving small drops.
  • Has a physical button for controlling in No-wifi situations
  • The Power cord wears out over time

4 of 8: Brightech -Charlotte Rustic Shelf LED Floor Lamp

[amazon box=”B07D44SYF9″]

Stability at its Best

This lamp comes with three strong stands. And these three stands create a triangle shape of the lamp with the ground. And triangle shapes are the strongest shapes in the world. As a result, this lamp is super stable which’s not seen in all sizes of lamps.

In fact, it’s a solid choice when it comes to smart lamp for bedroom for your child.

Lamp Structure allows Maximum Lumen Output

The lamp is at a height of 5 feet. Which allows maximum lamp surface exposure. Moreover, because of the lamp’s building material, it stands out.

It is one of the few hue lamps which can provide enough light output for regular functioning. But with a hue light, you can always switch to mood lighting mode.

Rustic Design gives Aesthetic Vibes

This lamp is perfect for living rooms or study rooms or guest rooms. The rustic design with wood patterned stands provides a midcentury aesthetic vibe. On the other hand, its modern contemporary design brings it to a perfect spot between old and modern designs.

Moreover, if you can manage to put a candle on its stand, you’ll experience a new level of aesthetic with this shelved floor lamp.  All in all, brightech lamps should offer a decent value. And the option we have for you will do the same.

Highlighted Features

  • Enhances the 800-lumen output capacity super effectively.
  • Build quality allows long term usage
  • Compatible with Smart Home Assistants
  • A few touches here and there can increase the beauty of the lamp even more

5 of 8: Catalina Lighting Floor Lamp

[amazon box=”B01DZRWWDM”]

Takes up Low Space

The Catalina lighting square 2-shelf floor lamp has a ten square inches base. And the lamp has a radius of 6 inches. So, it goes pretty light on space consumption. If you’re short on spaces, then this would be a great lamp for you.

Has 3-way Compatibility

Nowadays a lot of people look for 3 way compatibility in all sorts of electric devices. Keeping this in mind, the lamp has brought in 3-way switch compatibility.

The advantage of 3-way switches is that you can control one device from 2 separate places. In short, the hue bulb in 3 way lamp feature is highly desirable.

Comes with a Modern Design

This floor lamp follows all the principles of modern design techniques. It has a metallic finish and a compact build. In other words, this lamp has a sleek design. Moreover, The linen lamp is an absolutely gorgeous touch in this lamp design.

If you’re a fan of a minimalistic approach, then this is the lamp for you.

Light Weight results in Handy Design

Although this lamp is a metal build, it’s pretty light. As a result, you can carry it even more easily.

Think of a situation like this- you generally keep your lamp in the living room. But during nighttime, you like to keep it in the study room. And sometimes, you like to watch Netflix beside this light. In that case, it’d be super difficult to carry this all around the house.

So, being lightweight is important. And it holds true for the catalina lighting floor lamp.

Highlighted Features

  • Weights under 7.5 pounds.
  • Takes around 13 minutes to assemble.
  • Metal made shelves can keep small objects on them.
  • Additional levels are needed sometimes for extra leg support.

6 of 8: Philips Hue Bloom Dimmable LED Smart Table Lamp

[amazon box=”B079TCRFC3″]

Smart Assistant Compatibility is a Great advantage

These lamps are part of the Philips hue universe. As a result, you can control these via Alexa or Google Home. So, how is this useful?

Firstly, you can control these lamps over voice commands. Secondly, if your home has motion sensors, then google home can track your activity. So, you’ll get to see smart light changes based on your activity. Lastly, you can dim the light to the exact percentage with the help of your smart assistant.

This one single feature can be a valid reason to call it the best lamp for hue bulbs. But there are other notable features as well.

Designed to Bring Indirect Ambient Lighting

You won’t find many lamps that are designed for the sole purpose of ambient lighting. Moreover, you can bring the best out of it, if you decide to use the Philips hue bloom light for furniture ambient lighting.

For example, you can put two of these on two sides of your monitor. In fact, a lot of the existing customers have bought these for this reason in the first place.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll buy these lamps only for decorating your monitor or TV. And These Philips hue bloom dimmable led smart table lamp kits are great for furniture lighting as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Controllable with a Philips Hue App (Hue Bridge needed)
  • Features Music Syncing capability
  • Responds to voice command through a smart home assistant
  • Capable of producing 120 Lumens max

7 of 8: Philips Hue Beyond Dimmable LED White Smart Table Lamp

[amazon box=”B071V7MTM9″]

Great Design Makes it a Fashionable Furniture Itself

Can you remember any modern aesthetic table lamp? The feeling’s mutual actually. You must give kudos to the product designer for this.

The Philips Hue Beyond table lamp matches the attributes of a modern minimalist art piece. So, it increases your household aesthetics without even turning on.

Two Integrated Lamps Can Create Colorful Art on your Room

This lamp can operate two hue bulbs at a time. One of the top and one on the bottom.

With a few tweaks, you can enable a lighting preset. Or if you decide to create your own color pattern, then you can do that too. Whatever you do, after enabling the functions on the Philips hue beyond dimmable led white smart table lamp you’ll experience the artistic color projections of two lights in one lamp.

There’s another trick of unlocking the best view with this lamp. Put it on a black table in a dark room. After turning on you’ll see a light floating in the dark.

All we want to say now is that you won’t find such an option for the best table lamps for hue bulbs.

Great Table Lamp for Reading Purposes

We have already described the aesthetic part of this lamp. Now it’s time to go through one of its basic functionalities.

This lamp provides the perfect lumen for reading books or magazines. So, if you want to read some books without stressing your eyes, this is the hue lamp starter kit for you.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with LightDuo technology, combining functional and mood lighting in one setting.
  • Has a hassle-free installation process.
  • It comes with solid WiFi connectivity and Zigbee Light Link.
  • It can provide up to 600 lumens.

8 of 8: Ikea Fado Table Lamp

[amazon box=”B00TAAUC1S”]

Mood Enhancing Light

The structure of the Ikea fado table lamp makes any light soft. And soft lights are great for mood enhancement.

If you get stressed at work or at studies, then you can always rely on Ikea Fado. So, during a bad day, this item can be the savior.

Handy Design

Although you’re not supposed to carry a dimmer switch hue bulb with you constantly, still, it’s an advantage. Ikea Fado has a radius of 5 inches and a height of 9 inches.

So, it fits pretty well in hand. As a result, you can move it according to your use. For example, you can put it in your bathroom while bathing and on your reading table while reading.

Now let’s round up the features and see if they are worth it from the Ikea fado review.

Highlighted Features

  • Low power consuming
  • Gives a perfect modification to hue lights
  • The light is soft but bright enough for regular works
  • The glass shade needs delicate handling

Buying Guide For Best Lamp for Hue Bulbs

Depending on the features you are seeking, the investment on the lamps would be a bit high. So, why taking the risk with the home investment while you have us here! Hover on this section carefully to get the idea about considerations before buying the best lamp for hue lights.

Color Sets

This is where every lamp is distinguished from others. As the lamp you are going to buy could have unique use, you should focus on the one that will suit you.

Let’s say, you want the hue bulb in touch lamp just for bedside night, then spending more on something that has multicolor options would be necessary. On the other hand, if you want the lamp to change its color based on the room color, then you would need a multicolor lamp for sure.

Nonetheless, at the time of reading, you would need something more optimized for the betterment of your eyes. Besides, unless you are not putting the hue lamp in your recording studio or gaming room, you can consider traditional light support. So, consider the color settings before getting one.

Lamp Type

In our thought, the first thing you should determine is what type of bulbs for touch sensitive lamps you want to hang out with.  Would you need to change the position of the lamp frequently? Then must running for something with portability would be the best option.

But remember portable lamps would cost you for the regular changing requirement of the batteries though that would not be a big deal.

And if you need something that would be set in one place, then you try regular style corded lamps. Yes, you would have to deal with the cord but save some bucks on batteries. We do have some options in our best lamp for hue bulbs review.


Well, it depends on your other home appliances and the adaptability you want. Like if your home is already a smart home featured, then pick bulbs for touch-sensitive lamps that can be controlled by Alexa, or remote to get the immense flexibility while operating the lamp.

Not only that, but you should also focus on the control mechanism it has on the body as well. The answer lies in its features that allow you to set up multiple modes for different situations. Check out the above recommendations for getting a better idea.

And, for future reference, you should also look at resources like-hue bulb not working in lamp. These will help you out immensely.


See, in any type of lamp, you would need to replace the old bulbs when it’s done with its jobs. And as we know, changing the bulb with a new one would be a bit challenging if the lamp does not have that flexibility and access. Besides, if the lamp does not have an easy installation process, then you would need to pay someone for that silly job.

And then, things are going to be irritating when you have to face that hassle. Therefore, make sure to hop into the feature that proves its accessibility to easy hue lights installation and replacement.

As an afterthought, take a look at what hue lights accessories you are getting.

Final Thoughts

A home is not a place to live; it brings your taste, your psychology in front of your neighbors, your friends, all in all, it represents you. And the lighting is one of your home appliances that show off your status by proving all the members a sweet feel and eye comfort.

After this intense level of information analysis in this best lamp for hue bulbs review, you can understand how much sufferings and time you have just saved.

Subsequently speaking, that would be enough to make your home smarter and standard to astonish your guest appearances and will influence them to light their homes as you are going to do.

And we would say, don’t limit with that only, add the investment on the best hue bulb starter kit to get a better brightness in your room and let your money secured.

I am very much enthusiastic about Home Automation and actively developing open-source software to extend its capabilities so this is going to all be biased by my own experiences.

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