SmartThings vs Wink: An In-Depth Research Of SmartThings and Wink

If you are looking for any smart home controller that will give you a hassle-free life, then write-up is for you. This article will expose the goods and bads of SmartThings and Wink. It is an informative article that sheds light on compare and contrast of SmartThings vs Wink.

Both these controllers are moderately easy to use and work with. They have excellent features to present you with an autonomous home without any trouble. Then there comes the question of ‘which one’?

While both of the controllers are famous in their own way, the answer remains among the users and clients who are ready to deploy them.

This writing will provide an in-detail analysis and some basic dissimilarity among them which will assist a user to choose the best option for them.

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A Quick View of SmartThings and Wink

Before diving into more details let us take a look at the comparison table.

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The differences of the 2 devices can be outlined in terms of the following criteria:

Automation Of SmartThings vs Wink

SmartThings automation system allows the user not only to control several commands but also to create a link between them. For instance, when the motion sensor detects you are home it will turn on music and turn on lights. With SmartThings, automation is done at an advanced level than from Alexa or Routine of Google Home.

In Wink, there are exceptional features like Robots which can trigger actions in other devices and Schedules can set a time for some commands to take place. Although the system will not allow an upper-level experience, it will create simple yet effective ones sufficient to make your living standard.

Shape and size of SmartThings vs Wink

The SmartThings is almost half the size of that of Wink, so it is easier to put it anywhere in the house. Both of them come in white color.

Backup battery Of SmartThings vs Wink

One of the drawbacks of Wink is it does not have a backup battery so it will not work during a power outage.

SmartThingscomes with a backup battery that comes in handy during the power cut. It can run up to 2 hours. This acts as a huge advantage for SmartThings.

User-friendly app of SmartThings vs Wink

The app for Wink is very easy to understand and use. The app does not have a home screen, which is chosen from the side menu becomes the screen. Selected devices cannot be put under a group, for instance, washroom light and geyser cannot be put inside the group named ‘washroom’.

The grouping system can be done in SmartThings. The app for SmartThings is said to be the opposite; users often find the app to be confusing and difficult to comprehend.  However, they are always improving their system, where the interface in the app is said to be clearer than before.

Number of Connected device of SmartThings and Wink

While Wink will allow around 530 devices to be connected, with SmartThings there is no limitation. This acts as an advantage for it.

Supported protocols

SmartThings will work with most of the protocols including ZigBee, Z-Wave, Honeywell, Philips Hue, Kwikset, etc.

For Wink, it is compatible with Kidde, Clear Connect, Z-Wave, ZigBee,Nest, Philips, Ring, Ecobee, Go Control, Schlage, Sonos, Arlo, Yale and Chamberlain, etc.

Wink can support and work with more number of protocols

A Brief Summary of SmartThings:

SmartThings or Samsung SmartThings is one of the popular on-demand smart controllers capable of controlling several appliances in a home. Its voice command function makes it more valuable to consumers.

Specifications of SmartThings:

  • Technically it can work with unlimited number of equipments
  • Control all devices from a single app
  • Easy installation within 15 minutes
  • Can easily adjust and be compatible with 40 different companies including Phillips, Honeywell, and Google
  • It can be managed by using SmartThings app in phone or Amazon Alexa
  • supportsZigBee, Z-Wave, Honeywell, Philips Hue, Kwiksetetc
  • It comes with A/C wall adapter and battery life up to 2 hours
  • It runs on Groovy language, allowing high security
  • It has 1 year warranty

The following table specifies the benefits and drawbacks of SmartThings.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”Advantages:”]

  • It has a back-up battery, a 4 AAA up to 10 hours
  • It can be used via Android or iOS apps
  • It can support the varied number of smart devices.
  • Faster and easier installation
  • Appropriate size, not bulky
  • It has USB ports
  • It has a built-in battery pack

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”Disadvantages:”]

  • The mobile app can be difficult to use
  • It takes a long time to pair with devices and is not easily comprehensible
  • It can work up to a distance of 130ft


SmartThings compatible devices:

SmartThings can support the following products:

  • Lights – Philips Hue Bloom, Sengled LED Multicolor Light Strip, Sylvania Smart+ Bulbs
  • Camera – Arlo Q, Ring Floodlight, Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  • Thermostat – EcoBee 4, Honeywell Lyric T5, Stellpro Maestro
  • Door lock – Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave,  Schlage Connect Zigbee, August Smart Lock Pro
  • Door Ring – Video Doorbell Pro with Chime Pro, Video Doorbell Elite
  • Home security- Scout, Frontpoint
  • Water Leak Sensor
  • Button
  • Multipurpose Sensor
  • Motion Sensor

A Brief Summary of Wink:

Specifications of Wink

  • easy and comprehensible setup, installation and app
  • It works with Bluetooth LE, Kidde, Clear Connect, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Nesy, Philips, Schlage
  • The connectivity includes Wi-Fi which is fast and reliable.
  • It has function like Robots that helps to trigger number of commands in other devices
  • It has Schedule option has allowed setting number of command to occur at a specific time
  • The Shortcuts option allows to trigger number of events at a time
  • In-wall Wink Relay touchscreen allows user to control without an app
  • The data is stored with high security using encryption.
  • It is cloud dependent, it can be remotely managed

The table below demonstrates benefits and drawbacks of Wink.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”Advantages:”]

  • Any technologically challenged user can survive with a wink
  • Very intuitive and understandable setup &installation
  • it is a ‘do it yourself’ project, the wink website can assist
  • it is user-friendly and easy to handle

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”Disadvantages”]

  • lack of flexibility
  • lack of backup battery
  • does not allow the user to customize
  • does not allow the user to explore broadly with automation rules
  • does not support a varied number of devices
  • only some of the functions work locally
  • user cannot control the time of update
  • Lack of support from community and forum
  • the wink blog or community is not growing and not very helpful


Wink Compatible devices

  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro
  • MyQ Garage
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • Canary Flex
  • Nest Cam
  • Yale Assure Lock SL Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt
  • Kwikset Obsidian Keywayless Smart Lock
  • Nest Protect
  • Dropcam Pro
  • iHome iSP5 SmartPlug
  • Cree Connected LED Bulb
  • OsramLightify LED Starter Kit
  • Philips Hue Go
  • LutronCaséta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit
  • Nest Protect (Second Generation)
  • Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus
  • Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller Generation 2

User feedback of SmartThings and Wink

SmartThings Review:

  • Oftentimes users claim even though the hub shows connected, the lights, audio or door locks do not work at all.
  • One of the common complaints was rapid or sudden disconnection of hub and devices even though Wi-Fi is working properly.
  • Users were unable to do setup and installation even after spending hours and following all the instructions available, customer support was not of any help.
  • Customer support was not very helpful in case anyone reported any issue to them.
  • There were issues with sharing the access of smart hub with another person. It is said, the other person can only control commands partially even after following the instructions.
  • There were issues where notifications were not consistent.
  • The battery SmartThings come with is said to have low life time.

Wink Review:

  • One of the main complains of Wink, is its frequent and sudden connection drop with devices.
  • There have been complaints of not being able to simply turn on/off lights or lock/unlock doors by several users; these problems were solved by IFTTT integration.
  • This device might lack precision in controlling the house due to its simple configuration and automation process. The Z-wave lights have parameter including ramp rate, number of steps, LED indicator, these cannot be done using Wink.
  • There have been complains specifically for Schlage products, such as Schlage locks. It is said that there are frequent connection drops causing trouble for users. It also does the same with HoneyWell products.

Final Assessment

While both controllers have unique characteristics and are famous in their own way, one of them is definitely better than others. This will not depend on the product only; rather it will depend on the type of consumer, their expectations and needs from the product. It will depend on the users’ perspective, their way of dealing with home appliances and their technical knowledge.

If the user is absolutely new in this area, they can go with Wink. The new release of Wink, Wink Hub 2 will be more than enough for a newbie. Due to its compatibility with a wide range of devices, it will be more flexible to use. Also, it is well known for its straightforwardness and ease to setup, install and connect devices. Their Customer support is always ready to help.

On the other hand, if you have moderate experience in using technical devices and controllers, then you can also choose SmartThings.  It does not mean the novice users should be scared of it. New users have used it without facing any difficulties as well. It is well known for its supported protocols and connected devices. Also, it can run upto 2 hours during a power outage whereas Wink cannot. It has a huge online community always ready to help.

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