Smart Solar Box Review 2020- Scam or Legit [Must Read Before Buying]

Electricity is an essential thing in our daily life, and we cannot think a single day without power. Electricity makes our life conformable, and we can complete complicated work by using electricity. But electricity can be a painful side of your life when you are paying more electricity bill than you expected. Today we are going to talk about Smart Solar Box Review and how it can reduce electricity bills.

Are you paying too much electricity bills and do not know what to do? Is your electricity bills taking your all salary and you are fed up with electricity bills? Then this article is for you, by reading this article you can find an alternative for your home base electricity and how to build smart solar box by yourself.

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We will also clarify your doubt about the smart power box and give you detail as much as we can.So, let’s get started.

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What Smart Solar Box?

The Smart Solar Box is a guideline for those people who wants to create their power source. By using this method, anyone can get unlimited power anywhere. With this guideline, you can set up the device to generate portable and widely usable energy. You can also reduce your electricity bill by using this Smart Solar Box at your home.

Using the solar device, you can save up to 68% of your electricity bills and build it with a small budget. You can also carry the smart solar light box anywhere you go and for field camping. Once the smart solar battery lightbox charged, you can use it for 18 to 20 hours.

You can also use the energy to power your home electrical appliance. Even you can use it when you power get cut by natural disaster or by other conditions. The Smart Solar Box is portable and lightweight, and you can easily transport it one place to another. And you even charge the box in cloudy condition.

To build your own smart solar battery box, all you need to do is follow the instructions and make it by yourself within 200 dollars. This portable solar box does not need so much maintenance, and you do not have to invest after building it.

The smart solar box plans are easy to create, and you can build in within a day by having all the equipment. This plan is safe, and you can place it anywhere you want. The smart power box solar instructions are super easy to follow that even a teenager can understand it correctly. You can change your lifestyle by having one of these solar boxes at your home.

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Who Created the Smart Solar Box? 

Ryan Tanner is the person who created the Smart Solar Box, and he a mechanic. Ryan is 52 years old, and he invented this device to find a power solution for home and reduce electricity bills. After building this device, Ryan sees the benefit of this device and wants to share it with others. So, that others also can get benefit from his invention and maintain their daily life.

Why Should You Buy the Smart Solar Box?

You probably are thinking about why you should use this DIY smart solar box. There are many reasons that you should use the smart solar box. This box can reduce your electricity bill in the first month even if you are paying more than 250 dollars, and you can use any kind of electrical device with this DIY solar box anywhere you want.

This device also a solution for your camping power because this solar box is portable, and you can carry it with you wherever you go. Once this Smart solar box fully charged, you can use it for 18 to 20 hours. This smart box can reduce your electricity bill and provide you power when there is no power source.

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Does the Smart Solar Box Work? 

One of the big questions about this Smart Solar box is, does the smart solar box really work. You may find negative reviews about the solar box on the internet and YouTube, and you may be confused about whether the smart solar box does it work. You may already know about the solar panel that is using for decades as an alternative power source.

So, build this Smart Solar Box you are going to need solar panel and batteries with box. So many people are using this Smart Solar Box at home to get power during a natural disaster and also to reduce their bills. If it works for others, then it will also work for you.

How Does Smart Solar Box Work? 

The Smart Solar Box is work simply by using solar panel and charge battery to father use. You can place the device anywhere you want and get limitless power from the sun. This Solar Box can reduce your electricity bill by providing extra power whenever you need it. Once you fully charged the battery, you can get energy for 18 to 20 hours without interruptions.

You can use any type of electrical device by using the power of the solar box. This incredible technology can generate infinite power and give you the freedom of power use. The device is safe and easy to transport one place to another. So, that you can use this device while you are outside for a field trip. All in one, this Smart Solar Box works incredibly and provide you power whenever you need it.

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How to build smart solar box 

If you follow the guideline of the eBook and watch the video provide by the Smart Solar Box package, you can quickly build it yourself at home. You will get all the information about the tools and equipment you need to make the solar box. The eBook instruction is easy to follow, and you can easily create the device at your garage.

With a small investment, you can complete the project and generate your power at home. As the book says, you can complete the projects with 200 dollars and get unlimited power forever, and for maintenance, you do not have to spend any money. The Smart solar box is safe, and you can take it with you wherever you go.

The Smart Solar Box Features and Benefits

There are various benefits of this Smart Solar Box with unique features. Here are some benefits you can get from this device.

Power Your Home:

This Smart Solar Box is powerful enough to power your home electrical appliances. One device can cover 1000 square feet of your home and provide energy whenever you need it.

Save Money:

Using this self-building device, you can save your electricity bills up to 68% depending on your needs. And you can install this plan at home with a small investment, and you do not have to invest in maintenance. The complete set up can cost you the highest 200 dollars.

Easy Guidelines and Installation: 

The guidance of Smart Solar Box is easy to understand that even a teenager can clearly understand the setup. You can follow the instruction and build your power source at home. The installation process also easy, and you can quickly assemble the tools by yourself at your garage and get power for your home.

Endless Power Supply:

Once you create the device, you can get limitless energy for a long time without maintenance. The device can is suitable for 1000 square feet space and can power anything at your home. When the box gets fully charged, you can use it for 18 to 20 hours without interruptions.

Lightweight and Portability:

The device is lightweight and portable that you can carry the power pack with you wherever you go. This Smart Solar Box is the best solution when you plan for a field trip or camping. The device also small in size that it will fit almost everywhere you want to keep.

Learning Opportunity:

In this Smart Solar Box guideline, you will learn how to build an electrical device that can power your home and other devices. You can get instruction by eBook and smart solar box video that will teach you how to build your power supplying device. So, it’s an opportunity to learn something new if you never work with an electric device before.

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Pros and Cons of Smart Solar Box Project:

With the benefit side of this Smart Solar Box, you can get some issues with it. But the smart solar box complaints are avoidable.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”PROS:”]

  • The smart solar box instructions are easy to follow and easy to setup
  • Can reduce 68% of your electricity bill and can provide reasonable energy
  • The fully charged box can run for 18 to 20 hours
  • This smart box is small, lightweight, portable and easy to transport
  • Comes with programmable features and make sure you do not have any power shortage
  • Affordable, easy to install and you can find all the tools at a local store or online
  • Can provide power for a lot of household electrical appliance
  • 60 days money-back guarantee if the plan does not work for you.

[/wpsm_pros][/wpsm_column][wpsm_column size=”one-half” position=”last”][wpsm_cons title=”CONS:”]

  • It is hard for some people who does not like DIY works
  • The Smart Solar Box guideline only available in soft copy like PDF, eBook.


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Smart Solar Box Cost:

The Smart Solar Box does not cost too much, and it is very affordable. With a small amount of investment, you can create your endless power source. In the book, you can get all the information and what kinds of tools you need to build the device. Altogether you need less than 200 dollars to complete the projects and get an alternative power source for your home and field camp. And you can get 60 days 100% money-back guarantee if the plan does not work for you.

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Where to Buy Smart Solar Box:

There are different online platforms that you can get this Smart Solar Box plan. But make sure you buy it from an authorized web store or website. Because some people get scam by buying from an unauthorized website, and they gave a negative review. You can go Smart Solar Box official website and buy it with a discount. But you cannot get this book in hard copy because it is only available in pdf or eBook. The Smart solar box pdf download is the only way to get the plan to save your bill.

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Smart Solar Box Real Customer Review:

Here are some smart solar power box reviews I find on the web.

[wpsm_quote author=”Michel ” float=”left” width=”50″]I am using this Smart Solar box for a while, and I love it. I can use it at home while there is a power cut, and also I can take it when I go for a field trip for the power source.[/wpsm_quote]

[wpsm_quote author=”Jenny” float=”left” width=”50″]I was frustrated will my home electricity bill then I hear of this Smart Solar Box and decided to talk the risk. Now I am paying fewer bills and save my money and do other stuff[/wpsm_quote]

[wpsm_quote author=”Justin” float=”left” width=”50″]I live in a place where the natural disaster hit often, and we get a power cut unit line is clear. So, I get one of this Smart solar box, and now I can still have power for a long time even there is a power cut in my area.[/wpsm_quote]

Is smart solar box legit?

Yes, this smart solar box is legit. There are many users getting benefits by using the method. If you see negative smart solar power box reviews, I am sure they never even use it. I say use this device by yourself, and you can see the difference. And for security, you can get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Smart Solar Box Reviews- Final Words

I hope after reading the whole article, you understand everything about Smart Solar Box. And I think I clear your doubt about, does the smart solar box really work. Now it is up to you that you want to use it for your good or not. Because it is hard to deal with our daily life without electricity.

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So, get this Smart Solar Box to reduce your electricity bill and go for a trip with your family with your power source. And if you want to know about more devices like this, you can visit our OkoWatt Review or Easy Power Plan Review to help you save the electricity bills.


I am very much enthusiastic about Home Automation and actively developing open-source software to extend its capabilities so this is going to all be biased by my own experiences.

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