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sweethomeX.com is a dedicated guide for Home Automation. It will show you how to use and setup technology from Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo devices, Google Home devices, Apple Homekit, OpenHab, Homeseer, Home Assistance, SmartThing to Wifi, ZigBee, Z-wave devices and much, much more for home automation, speakers and much, much more. We work with all types of vendors to find the newest technology, some that you know and others that are coming up with unique ideas for up and coming markets. We worked in different industries to educate ourselves on IoT. We dedicate our time and energy to understand how things work with wireless devices. Now, we want to share our experience with the world and help people get through some challenges and make technology as easy as we can. If you want to grow your knowledge, be sure to subscribe, and join the online community of our youtube channel:

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